TRI Gym Wear has a varied yet simplistic collection of womens gym apparel. whilst keeping the fuctuality and creating a great all round product, we also make them stylish and affoardable, so everyone can look and feel great when working out or in every day life!


we have created a varied range of mens apparel, with many options, so anyone and everyone can experience what TRI does for your workout! with our new 'EVOLVE' collection coming this year, more amazing mens products follow!


At TRI GYM WEAR we want to help you prepare, perform, and recover at the best of your ability, with our wrist straps and resistance bands we feel we can help you perform in the gym and reach your full potential!


We offer Personalised Training Programmes (PTP), which are designed to not over complicate your work out, and genuinly maximise the amount of time you can spend doing exercise, we work with you on the whole experience, and keep an open communication line so once you are part of the community, you always will be! Message us on instagram (@tri_gymwear) to finalise prices and get your programme today!